There are two types of sedation offered at Sapperton Dental:

Oral sedation allows for a more relaxed dental experience. After a detailed review of your medical history, you will be given an oral medication (pills) to be taken prior to your dental appointment. This is ideal for the anxious patient reducing fear and increasing comfort.

Nitrous sedation is used in the dental office for its calming effects; in fact it can have the effect of causing the patient to giggle and hence is also known as laughing gas. A small mask is placed over the patients nose to administer the mixture of the sedating gas. The onset is within a few minutes; lasting the duration of the appointment. Nitrous sedation is very unique in that the effects disappear shortly after the removal of sedation gases, allowing the patient to return to normal. The patient can leave the appointment without feeling drowsy or sedated.

In some cases, where more profound sedation is required, a combination of both oral and nitrous sedation can be used.

Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

  • People who have anxiety and fear of dental procedures

  • People who require longer visits and/or who wish to undergo a complete treatment in fewer visits

  • People who have a strong gag reflex, or fear of needles and injections

  • Pediatric patients who require sedation to help calm them

Benefits of sedation dentistry?

  • Increased patient comfort and enjoyment

  • Reduced anxiety and fear

  • Ability to have longer dental appointments and complete extensive amounts of dentistry in fewer visits

  • Little recollection of the dental visit

  • Safe and effective

What to expect after treatment?

  • The vast majority of patients usually feel really good after sedation; relaxed but a bit tired

  • With oral sedation, your coordination and judgment can be affected for some time after your appointment. Most patients go home, eat something light and sleep for a few hours after which they feel more “normal”. It is advised that you spent the remainder of the day relaxing at home; whether it be reading a book or watching television or napping; just ensure that you take it easy.

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