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B.C. Kids and Dental Decay – A Growing Problem

With a long list of programs and public health initiatives, the last place you would expect is suffering from a rather large problem with dental health. Kids in British Columbia, aged four to six, are experiencing at least some form of tooth decay. This problem is transcending social class, with kids in more affluent neighbourhoods […]

Guide to Root Canals

Why undergo a root canal? Simply to address an abscess, a cavity that has reached tooth pulp, severing of tooth nerve due to trauma, a tooth fracture, or inflammation of tooth nerve from repeated dental procedures. For more information on root canals, see the info-graph below provided by your New Westminster Dentist.  

How Safe are Dental X-rays?

Speculation has been raised in regards to the safety of x-rays administered by a dentist. The American Dental Association acknowledges these concerns and has shown that a full set of dental x-rays has three times less radiation than that from ambient environmental exposure on a daily basis. For more information follow the link below: http://www.ada.org/2760.aspx#othersources

Benefits of Fluoride

The Canadian Dental Association has long-argued that fluoride, which is a mineral present in soil, water and a variety of foods, has been shown to have a positive dental benefit by making teeth more resistant to decay. Fluoride has also illustrated a preventative and restorative effect on decay that has already started.

Children’s Oral Hygiene

Although a child’s primary teeth are not permanent they still require the same care and attention as adult teeth. The British Columbia Dental Association recommends that children have their teeth brushed twice daily by their caregiver. For more information follow the link below: http://www.bcdental.org/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=2435

Smoking and Dental Health

According to the American Dental Association smoking has been linked with cancer, gum disease, dental staining and bad breath. Smokeless tobacco has also been linked with oral cancers. For more information follow the link below: http://www.ada.org/2615.aspx#smoking