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Sapperton Dental Dental Covid-19 Precautions

Rest assured, we have our patients and staff well-being in mind. We have implemented the following Enhanced Infection Control measures. Strict sterilization of instruments and disinfection of treatment rooms, as we have always done. Treatment rooms will be left vacant between patients to allow a suitable time for disinfection and air filtration. All high touch […]

How to Recover Smoothly After Oral Surgery

You’ve just gone under the knife and probably just regained all your senses. Don’t panic, just let your body work itself out. You may feel pain, it’s normal. Below are some common questions people have after oral surgery. How do I keep my mouth clean after surgery? Do not rinse your mouth or brush your […]

Cosmetic Dentist Addresses Stained Teeth

A very common cause of tooth discoloration is a childhood injury called a pulpal bleed or bruise of the tooth due to force or trauma. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the tooth is non-vital. An evaluation by a New Westminster Cosmetic Dentist is recommended for a definitive diagnosis. Your teeth can become discolored by stains […]